Saturday, November 22, 2008

22 miles!!

It's a long post today, but if you've been following the blog, it's worth reading. Besides, it's a post about a long run, so it can be long!

I finished 22 miles today. Actually, the total distance was a smidge over 23. Woot!!!!! It felt GREAT!!! I mean, the whole time it just felt awesome! Sure, I got tired, but when I finished I felt like I could have run 10 more miles! I hope today's run gives me the confidence I need in 3 weeks.

BIG congrats to my wife today. We both are celebrating a longest distance finished (LDF) today. She wanted to try for a two miler today. She nailed it, and even sprinted at the end! I ran that with her, and, of course, counted that toward my 22. I'm so proud of her!!!

After the 2.5 (.25 warmup and cooldown with her), I started my 20 more miles. After about 1 mile, I saw Phillip Stewart, and joined him for about a mile and a half. He was winding down a 20 miler at about a 9:00 pace. On long runs, it's always good to have a companion! Then, at about the 7 mile mark, I saw Matt playing with his kids near the creek on the trail towards Hwy. 72, and they cheered me on like it was race day! Then, with about 3 miles left to go, I saw Eddy Burks at the beginning of the trail toward Hwy. 72. I joined him and introduced myself and stayed with him for the entire out. I continued on towards Lowes, and threw what little bit of a hammer I had left for the last two miles to clock the last two miles in the 7:40's.

The GREAT news is... NO PAIN!!!! I hope I can keep the nagging injuries and aches away for the next 3 weeks. Now, I begin to reduce my mileage to hopefully peak on Dec. 13.

I'm so geeked for the ROCKET CITY MARATHON!
  1. 8:15
  2. 9:06
  3. 8:08
  4. 7:57
  5. 8:00
  6. 7:55
  7. 7:50
  8. 7:51
  9. 8:10
  10. 9:01
  11. 7:49
  12. 7:41
  13. 7:55
  14. 7:49
  15. 8:01
  16. 7:58
  17. 8:39
  18. 9:13
  19. 7:41
  20. 7:46
All of the 9+'s were either water bottle refills or running with someone else at their pace. Given how good I felt, perhaps there's a lesson to learn about pacing early on.

When I turned the corner to get to my house, my lovely twin daughters were waiting on me... One had a cup of peanuts, and the other had a cup of gatorade! They were congratulating me on finishing my long run! That made the run all the better!!


mgreene said...


Amazing run today. You're definitely ready. Mark better watch out!

reachdown said...

Thanks, Mike. Today felt great. Mark, though, is in no danger of getting passed by me. He keeps getting stronger.

Rae! said...

That is so awesome.Congrats to your wife too.

I am excited for you. I can't to hear how you do.

Jeff said...

Congrats on your long run!

W.Q. Duck said...

This entry illustrates how wonderfully alive & well running is in Athens!
Good Job, Eric!