Saturday, November 8, 2008

HTC Half Results

So, my estimated time was quite optimistic! Instead of 1:40:12, I was 1:40:23. The optimistic number was probably the last time I saw. Really, I was so exhausted and spent, that I wasn't very aware of what was going on around me.

78 of 563 overall and 9 of 50 in my age group. Not bad for a rookie runner. Just back in February, I was barely able to run 3 miles! YOU can do it, too.

Anyway, as always, Tanjie's blog links the results with an emphasis on Limestone County finishers. I really appreciate her work in this. Hmmm.... Had I known that the title of top Limestone County finisher were at stake, I may have tried harder to overtake Glen! Really, I don't think I could have. Glen was just running strong today! Congrats on being the top Limestone County finisher.

And a huge congrats to Whitney Hollingsworth for winning her age group! Non-runners do not know how HUGE an accomplishment that is, especially in a race that large! Whitney is just such a solid runner, consistently at the top.

Overall results and age groups are at HTC's website.


mgreene said...

Eric, you have made unbelievable progress in such a short time. I tell people all the time how if you can do it, then they can to. All it takes is a little determination and desire!

Rae! said...

Wow!!! That is so awesome!!!!
mgreene sent me your link. I have been doing some catch up reading. All I can say is wow!!!!! :) And you are doing a full? Holy Cats!!!!

I am doing my first Half in Jan. 09 at Walt Disney World. Then again in March and I plan on flying out to Disneyland to do their Half. And then back around to Jan 2010 I was planning on doing the Goofy. That is the Half on Sat. Then the full on Sunday.

I will have to finish catching up on your blog and I am going to let others know too. :)
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