Saturday, November 29, 2008

13 miler

Today's long run was scheduled to be a 13 miler. I was really disappointed in the run (1:39:44) until I looked at the splits and saw the strong finish. It was my first long run with my new Garmin 305. Wow! How do people train without these? Yeah, I really like it.
  1. 8:03
  2. 7:52
  3. 7:39
  4. 7:37
  5. 7:41
  6. 7:37
  7. 7:54
  8. 7:48
  9. 7:47
  10. 7:31
  11. 7:58 (Really not indicative of the effort required. Uphill, through a gate, and I had to wait on traffic. This felt MUCH more like a 7:30 mile than an 8:00 mile)
  12. 7:10
  13. 7:01 (Yeah, baby!)
I must remember on race day to start slower than 8:00. I have to remember that, so I can finish strong.

Then, I played 5 games of racquetball, just to be sure I had enough exercise. :) Actually, it's because I really miss racquetball.

My weight was 163 this AM. I'm not focused on weight loss over the next two weeks, but if I toe the starting line nearer to 160, I think that will be a big advantage late in the race.