Monday, December 22, 2008

What next, part 2...

I had my first pain free run since the marathon yesterday. I think I may be fully recovered. I did 11 miles total, mostly running at about an 8:15 pace with 2 pickup miles at 7:30 and 7:18. It felt really good, and I missed running more than I thought I did.

I ran 2.5 easy treadmill miles on Monday after the race, and my knee was sore after that. Then I ran 6.62 outdoor miles on Thursday. I ran them at about 7:30, and that was just too fast too soon and it hurt like mad. My knee was killing me until yesterday. Yesterday's run was fantastic.

I think I may have found my next race. While I was in Fleet Feet Friday to pickup the Rudolph Run packets, Leigh picked up some gear and the girls got some much needed new shoes. Dink recommended a race for me to try next, the Mount Cheaha 50k. I told him that I missed signing up for Mountain Mist because I didn't know if I was good enough for that race. He confirmed that I was ready for a challenge like that, and that Mount Cheaha is a fantastic race. Anyone want to train with me for that race on Feb. 28? I've got a reluctant "go" from Leigh. It looks like a brutal challenge. I need to hit the trails soon.

Another reason I LOVE Fleet Feet... Where else can you go and the owner spends nearly an hour with you chatting about running, races, and gear while helping you pick out your stuff? Every time I go there, it's a great customer experience.


Rae! said...

So your knees were hurting all the time after the full or just when you put in your miles??
So how long is a 50k??
Holy Cats!!!

reachdown said...

My knees only hurt after I put in those miles after the marathon. I was actually surprised that my legs didn't hurt more for longer after the race. But it's just one knee and it only hurt after I ran.

It's good now after a 36 mile week. So I'm considering myself fully recovered and ready to train for the next race.

50k = 31 mile trail race.