Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not Very Smart

I LOVE to play racquetball. I've always had a knack for it. I picked it up very quickly. Even without focusing on it, I still play at a pretty high level (middle of the pack A player for those who know racquetball's divisions). That's not true of other athletic endeavors for me. I stink at tennis. I'm not a good golfer. I'm terrible at basketball. But racquetball has just come naturally for me.

Now, I'm more fit than ever (thanks to running), and that makes it even more fun because I'm able to track down so many would-be winners by my opponent. I'm able to smile and talk trash when my opponent needs extra seconds between points to rest. So, when I was invited to play racquetball after work yesterday, I just couldn't resist. It's just so much fun!!

Well, the one thing that I didn't want to happen, happened. Yep. I rolled my ankle. I was aggressively tracking down a ball, jumped to get a good angle on it, and landed on the side of my foot and fell to the floor. I felt a huge empty spot in my stomach. I could just imagine myself trying to beat 6 hours in the marathon on crutches! The good news is that the shot was a winner. :) The better news is I was able to finish the game and play two more games, so there will be no crutches. But as soon as it cooled down, it hurt.

Ugh. It's swollen, sore, and bruised. I'm resting and icing. I was able to go 2 of my scheduled 4 miles this morning. The pain is bearable, but I'm going to rest and ice and hope for the best. I'm going to give running another try on Friday to see how it goes. Leigh (my wife) and Mark are not happy with me right now. Sorry. It was dumb, I know. No more risky behavior before the marathon.

Oh yeah, the boring stuff. Today's exercise... 2 road miles 8:00, 7:35 + weights.
  • 10,10,9,6,3 chin ups
  • 3 x 10 bent dumbbell rows with 55 lb. dumbbell
  • 3 x 10 upright rows with 85 lb. barbell
  • 3 x 30 back hyperextensions
  • 3 x 10 weighted oblique twists
  • 3 x 15 side bends with 55 lb. dumbbell

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Rae! said...

Oh dear!!!! You really over stressed that ankle. Take it easy, {some what}

Thank you for your kind words. :)