Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oh yeah...

I blabbed so much in my earlier post about thanks and goals that I forgot to mention my training. I missed yesterday's workout because of a whacked out road schedule. Deadlines here, presentations there, phone calls somewhere else, and then it's too late to do anything except sleep. I read that there's nothing that you can do in the week of the marathon to make you more ready, so I didn't sweat it.

Today, I took a leisurely 2.5 mile lunchtime jog around downtown Seattle. It was hilly, cold, and wet (of course it was wet, it was in Seattle), but it felt great. I really wanted to go farther, but I knew better. I love Seattle; it's one of my favorite cities. I finished the run at Pike Place with a mocha from the first Starbucks ever (along with the University of Nebraska women's volleyball team, tall girls!). Then I walked over to a recommended lunch-only local sushi joint. Yum.

I'm excited.


Rae! said...

Wow! My friend Jonathan lives in Seattle. I have never been there. Thanks for the advice on the clothing. I can't wait!!!

Rae! said...

Good Luck tomorrow. I will say a prayer for you and Awaiting to here how you did!!