Saturday, December 6, 2008

Taking It Easy

I'm taking it easy for the next week. After reading this article in Running Times I don't want to use the word "taper". I'm peaking, not tapering. I guess tapering by another name is still tapering. Anyway...

I took yesterday off and I shouldn't have. I was scheduled for 5 miles and I just didn't do it. I have no excuse except that I was late to bed Thursday night. I slept plum till 6:30 Friday morning and got too busy with work to fit it in any other time during the day. I'll accept scolding for my slacking. I deserve it.

Today, I was scheduled for a 65-75 minute run. I got up at the way too early (for a Saturday) time of 5:45. Then I met Matt and we ran the Duck and Run course and headed east on Washington to Athens High. We did 10 miles at a shade over an 8:00 pace, and I again worked on finishing strong.
  1. 8:20
  2. 8:12
  3. 7:56
  4. 8:08
  5. 8:18
  6. 8:09
  7. 8:13
  8. 8:09
  9. 7:41
  10. 7:10

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