Saturday, December 13, 2008

Quick Race Summary

WHAT A BLAST!!!!! Today was so much fun! I guess that means I'm officially crazy to think that running for 3.5 hours solid is fun. 3:33:21. I was hoping for sub-3:30, but I'm still VERY pleased with the time.

Again, I must say, the distance MUST be respected!!! It is FAR! There's no way to describe the pain I was feeling at about mile 24 or 25. And it hurt a lot worse after crossing the finish line!

BIG thanks to Leigh for being my mobile aid station. I didn't have to stop at an aid station because she was showing up along the course to swap water bottles for me. Thanks and I love you!

I saw a lot of Athens folks at the race. I'm sure Tanjie will summarize the Limestone county finishers on her blog soon after the results are posted. I really appreciate that service.

I will give more details in a later post... gotta go celebrate, then I'll finish the update.

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Rae! said...

Holy Cats!!!!!

What a great time for such a distance!! I am wanting to do that time for the half. I am very proud of you. It makes the road to decide to do the full a little less blurry.