Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trail Runs

This weekend was spent on the trails on Monte Sano. I wanted to give trail runs a shot before committing to Mount Cheaha. I had never done a trail run before Friday. I was concerned that it wouldn't be something I could do because both of my ankles are weak and one is arthritic. If anything, I think trail running will strengthen my ankles.

Friday, I met Mark at Monte Sano and we ran the Mt. Mist trail up to the South Plateau loop, then ran around the Family Bike Trail and the Fire Tower Trail. Then we took the North Plateau loop down to Cold Springs Trail and called it a day at 11 miles total. He took it easy on me by running those easy trails. It was an absolute blast!!! There were a couple of deer sightings and it was just beautiful there.

Saturday, Matt and I rode over to Monte Sano and met Mark for another trail run. I forgot my Garmin and that frustrated me, but Mark had his to keep track of mileage for us. We started the same as Friday, but took McKay Hollow Trail to Arrowhead and Natural Well Trail and back up a steep climb on McKay Hollow Trail. That was quite a bit more difficult than Friday's run. It ended up being somewhere around 13.5 miles. Beautiful!!!!

I'm hooked on trail running. Mount Cheaha is definitely something I want to do now.


mgreene said...

I told you - definitely beats those boring miles in the neighborhood!

reachdown said...

Mike, I can't wait until you get better and can join us. Heal up soon, man.