Sunday, December 7, 2008

Race Day Approaching...

I just wanted to share a few more random thoughts on an off day as Rocket City Marathon race day approaches. I only have one more scheduled off day before the race. That doesn't mean that I'll only take one more day off. I have to travel some this week and my schedule will get whacked out just a bit on the road. Traveling this week is a bummer, adding some to my anxiety.

Friday night I made the mistake of driving the course. I don't think I should have done that. It took over an hour to drive it, and the distance really sank in. I'm completely intimidated now! It really hit me when we crossed Airport road on the way back and I realized that was around 23 miles and we still had to go all the way back downtown. Whew.

I'm afraid I won't sleep this week, especially Friday night. I have no idea what pace I should run. I want a respectable time, but I don't want to bonk. My tapering workouts have seemed harder than I think they should.

Several have told me that they read my blog and think I'm ready. I guess I just have to trust them! I'm nervous already, and it's a week away.


Erin said...

Man, there's no doubt you are ready for this! Good luck!!

Tanjie said...

I, too, think you are soooo ready! Of course it seemed long driving in all that traffic! On foot, though, you won't have to stop & go, stop & go, stop & go so much!
You'll be fine!

Anonymous said...

just worry about finishing, don't worry about "respectable time". just finish. leave the "respectable time" for next time. enjoy the time you are running by thinking "i'm running a MARATHON!! i'm IN a MARATHON!!!" as opposed to "i'm gonna puke".

mgreene said...

Eric, I think you are more than ready. With the splits you've been posting, I'm estimating a 3:37. Just don't start out too fast!

Rae! said...

I can not believe you are worried. I mean I can but I can't. Your training time is awesome.
It is your first 26.2 miles. I am getting goose bumps just typing it.

From what I have read, you are ready and you are going to do great. And I bet you are going top be surprised by your own time.