Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Easy, easy

Three easy miles is what the schedule called for today. My wife asked if I would run with her, so I was more than happy to. Today was another LDF for her, 2.5 miles. She made it!!! I'm very proud of her. She has toughed it out on some cold, miserable days, and through sickness and an ankle injury. She's really making progress! The 5k will be a breeze for her.

Thanks to all who encouraged me after my discouraged Sunday post. I'm ready. I believe y'all.

And another commercial before I go...

I got some new shoes back in early November, the Asics GT 2140. I loved my Asics GT 2130's. The GT 2140's are almost identical, but more comfortable at the top around the ankle. They're a very subtle upgrade. I loved the 2130's, but I really love the 2140's.

On cold days, you need some Mizuno breath thermo gloves. I was skeptical of the claims of these gloves, but they were the same price as other gloves, so I tried them. These are very nice gloves and they work as advertised. When I wipe sweat from my brow, my hands warm up.

Of course, you can get this gear at Fleet Feet. I love that store. They have great customer service, very friendly and knowledgeable employees (I look forward to chatting every time I go there), and they are GREAT at supporting the local running community.


Rae! said...

That is great!!! I can relate to your wife with the running.

So with your gear, I know it is cold where you are, here it varies from day to day. Since you have ran a half, what would you recommend to wear to stay warm, but can pull off after the sun comes up and warms everything up??

reachdown said...

I'd say layer if you must, but don't overdress. You'll warm up warmer than you think! At the half, I wore a dry wick T-shirt and a dry wick long sleeve on top and some warm-up pants and those awesome gloves. I didn't shed any of it because it was cloudy and cool that day. I could have shed the long sleeve if necessary.

I'll probably go the same route on the marathon, with shorts underneath the warm-up pants.