Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great News!

First, thanks to all who have asked. I've gotten emails and messages and been asked in person about the ankle. Thanks for all your concern and encouragement along the way! We're almost there!!! The ankle is much better! It is still swollen, bruised, and tender to touch. Moving side to side is not pleasant, but running forward is pain free! So I ran this morning, and ran pretty hard.

My goal was 2 miles @ 7:03, 2 x 800 @ 3:21, 2 x 400 @ 1:31. I met Matt on my way over to Lake Athens High... er... I mean the Athens High 1.5 mile track. It was wet and soupy. We were hurdling and dodging puddles a lot! Also, it was much warmer than I expected this morning. We took two minutes between the 2 miles and the first 800, and 1:30 between the others.
  1. 7:10 (just a tad over a mile 1.04, it wasn't as slow as we thought, Matt)
  2. 6:45
  1. 3:13
  2. 3:18
  1. 1:26
  2. 1:24
Nice, strong finish. I hope I'm ready! And I'm thankful that the ankle is better.


Rae! said...

That;s great! And great times.

Tanjie said...

One year, I turned my ankle just a few days before the Jesse Owens 10K when I stepped on a magnolia cone thingy as I ran past the Houston Library. Ugh.
I realize your marathon and my 10K are hugely different, but still, an injury just before a much-anticipated race ... Yikes!
Glad to hear you're doing alright, though.

reachdown said...

Thanks, Rae.
Tanjie, did you get to run the Jesse Owens 10k race that year? And to me, a 10k is a pretty big deal!

Thanks all for the well wishes. :)