Monday, August 3, 2009

Time off?

Saturday I did a 16 miler with Matt. Matt definitely pulled me along. I struggled to get going, and I struggled to hold on. It wasn't physical; it was mental. Nothing hurt, I was just tired of running. I appreciate Matt being positive and powering at the end to pull me along. Our last miles were our fastest.

The past few runs I have been starting very slow. I've been fatigued and dreading the first mile. Next week, I start to focus on marathon training and I want to be fresh for that. So, I am taking this week off. I have committed to a 3 mile run tomorrow afternoon, but other than that, I plan to rest this week. I even skipped the Sunday 10 miler yesterday.

I'm focusing on rest and diet this week. I hope to begin to establish a good sleep routine and start good eating habits. I hope to hit week 1 of marathon training well rested both mentally and physically. BQ is the goal.

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Anonymous said...

Four months to go - enjoy the week off!