Monday, August 10, 2009


Today I did an easy 6.7 mile run at a recovery pace. Easy does it to be ready for my tempo run tomoroow. The humidity was very thick this morning.

I intended to do some fast running with Carl in Huntsville, but I had an embarrassing mishap that kept me in Athens this morning. I don't have a lot of clothes that fit since losing weight. I have some time with customers this week, so I (my awesome wife, actually) took my good clothes to the cleaners last week. I forgot to pick them up yesterday, so I had to get them before work today to have something to wear in front of customers today. I just couldn't make the 6:00 AM start time in Huntsville since the cleaner doesn't open until 6:00.

Somehow I didn't post yesterday... I must have forgotten to push the button...

Yesterday, I did a recovery run of about 5 miles at a very easy pace. I felt much better after the run than I did before! I guess that's why they call it a recovery run. It was terribly humid, though.

A quick comment on Boston qualifying...

That is my goal for this year. It will be challenging, but that's why I think it is a good goal. I believe that it is attainable. Every pace calculator I have seen predicts that I am capable of it based on my race times. I believe I am capable of it.

A BQ marathon will take work and discipline. I'm okay with that. I may not BQ. I may have a bad day. I may get sick. I may get injured. I may overestimate my capability. If I miss the goal, I'll be disappointed, but I will be okay with it. I learned a lot about that from my disappointing Cotton Row 10k. (I say I learned a lot. Actually my friends and family taught me a lot.) There will be no beating myself up over a poor race performance. I run for a variety of reasons, but one reason I will not lose sight of again. I run to have fun. I choose whether or not its fun. BQ training and a BQ effort will be painful. The saying goes, "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional."

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