Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back After a Week

I needed the week off. Ideally, I would not have run on Tuesday, but I don't regret running on Tuesday because Tuesday was so fun! I was generally fatigued. My hip had (and still has) a twinge. I just needed a few days to not run. I needed a break. I was able to get some good rest.

And the best news of all is that I actually lost a couple lbs last week. I had ballooned up to 172, and I hit 168 yesterday morning. I simply was not as hungry last week as I am when I run. This further confirms my belief that running is not a great weight loss tool. It is excellent for weight maintenance, but it's not particularly easy to lose (or gain) weight while running. Having said that, I do hope to lose a few pounds before Rocket City. I'd like to reach the starting line near to 160. I think that's a good racing weight for me, but it will take some discipline to get there.

Today was the usual Sunday 10 miler with much of the usual crowd (Carl, Scott, Lanier, and me) running the usual route. It felt absolutely GREAT to be back out running. The week off renewed my excitement to hit the road. I flat out enjoyed this morning's run like I haven't in a while. I am absolutely excited about and focused on Rocket City. I will do what is necessary to reach my goal of Boston qualifying at 3:15:59. I may miss the goal, but it won't be because I didn't work hard or smart enough.

Today's run...
  1. 8:55
  2. 8:19
  3. 8:05
  4. 7:55
  5. 7:50
  6. 7:46
  7. 7:37
  8. 7:36
  9. 7:45
  10. 7:43
It felt great, except for the brutal humidity.

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