Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning 11 Miler

We changed things up a bit this week. Instead of meeting at the Rec Center, we met at the Piney Chapel trail head of the Rails to Trails. There were 9 runners this morning. I suppose either that's a more popular spot or the route through town had gotten old. It was good to see everyone!

The trail does provide more flexibility in that it is marked every half mile. Folks can run as short or as long as they like. The surface is also very comfortable to run on. It rolls quite a bit more than the town course, but it still isn't what I would call hilly. Some ran 8 or 9 miles. We ran 11. A couple of others ran 12. It was an awesome run! It was warm and humid with 72-75 degrees and 84-87% humidity.

I felt good considering yesterday's quality 17 miler. I did struggle a bit at the end. My heart rate kept climbing even thought the pace was relatively flat. I'll chalk that up to heat, humidity, dehydration, and fatigue. I like how Carl keeps the pace dropping through the run. The last half mile felt a little like running in quicksand. I could see the end, but it didn't seem to be getting closer!
  1. 9:10
  2. 8:36
  3. 8:17
  4. 8:04
  5. 7:59
  6. 7:55
  7. 7:41
  8. 7:49
  9. 7:32
  10. 7:34
  11. 7:42

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W.Q. Duck said...

Hey, Eric!
I think I may be back for real this time.
Glad to see you've still got your go!