Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tempo and Thursday

I've had a busy week at work, but I'm still managing to get in the miles.

Yesterday was a tempo run. Matt and I ran over to Athens High and did 4 tempo miles. My tempo runs lately have been too fast, so I slowed this one down intentionally. I've been running them at 6:40, and the last one, my HR was at about 185 during the last half mile. That's too much for tempo training. So, yesterday, I monitored both pace and HR. We did 4.1 miles in 28:01 for right at 6:51 pace. That was perfect both in pace and in HR. Great workout!

I had some energy left to do a very quality 10 miler this morning. Again, Matt came over to run. We started slow, but that's because my schedule required that we start at 5:15. I just wasn't ready to run that early! We were chatting about the early hour and said that we should have invited Lanier. Then, we saw Lanier at the track!

We finished strong with about 3 sub-8:00 miles and a marathon pace mile at the end. Both yesterday and today felt GREAT. Today was a struggle to hang on. I didn't feel bad, just tired.

All in all, week 1 is going very well.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you and Matt (if only briefly.) I had one of those Forrest Gump days ( I just felt like running!!!) Ended getting back home about 25 minutes late, but it was great!! Glad training is going well for you. See you soon.