Monday, August 24, 2009

Recovery 6 miler

We had another morning with beautiful weather for running. Most of the folks at the track were wearing jackets and/or long sleeves. I wished for long sleeves! It was perfect running weather.

In a way, I wish that today called for a hard workout. Pete and Scott caution against running hard when you should be recovering. They say that it takes almost as much discipline to go easy on recovery days as it does to get out the door on other days. I stayed disciplined and went 6 miles at a very easy pace. Most of the miles were above 9:00. I was just enjoying the weather.

These next two weeks will test my mettle because I won't have a partner for most of my runs and I will be traveling some. I may be forced to treadmill a tempo and/or a medium-long run. Right now, though, I'm pretty determined and focused on giving a BQ effort. So, I think I'll pass the test.

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Anonymous said...

You looked very comfortable running yesterday (especially after running 17 miles Saturday.)With your determination, you will BQ.