Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tempo Thursday

I did an easy 5 miler yesterday to work out the residual stiffness from Tuesday's VO2 session. I went at an 8:00 pace. I only had 42 minutes because I slept a bit late, so I had to bring all the miles in around 8:00 to be sure I got in a decent amount of miles.

Today, Matt came over and we ran over to the track and did 2 x 2 miles tempo. I haven't gotten enough sleep lately, so I knew I didn't have the mental energy to focus on pace for 4 straight miles, but I wanted some quality work today. 2 x 2 was the compromise. It was difficult even with the compromise! There was a longer than reasonable 5 min break between the 2 milers.
  1. 6:36
  2. 6:44
  3. 6:41
  4. 6:44
Those miles do measure just a bit long on my Garmin, so they are probably just a bit faster than that. Maybe 6:32-6:39 or so. I still think that may be just a bit too fast for tempo miles, but once I settle in to that pace, I want to hold it.

I was pleased with the way I fought through the urge not to go and the urge to quit today. Matt helped me to overcome both of those urges. Running partners help! I still see poor nutrition and too little sleep as my biggest training weaknesses right now. Those are solvable problems. I must solve them.

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