Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ahh Tempo

Last night, I did an easy 5.5 miler at 8:15 pace.

Matt came over at 5:45 this morning and we jogged over to the Athens High walking track. There were lots of people out this morning!

The plan was to do a 4 mile tempo run. We really had to talk each other into it this morning. I had no "go" in me. I didn't feel like transitioning from the easy pace into tempo pace. But, I reasoned, the weather won't get better than this. If we don't do quality work this morning, we will wish we had when the weather heats up. So, we extended our warmup a half mile (probably not a bad idea given the cooler temps) and off we went.
  1. 6:41
  2. 6:35
  3. 6:39
  4. 6:39
I really liked the consistency. I could not have run that last mile faster. I was ready to be finished. My Garmin has the miles shorter than the track has them marked. I'm not sure which is more accurate. My garmin had it at 4.09 miles and a 6:30 average pace.

The cool down was quicker than normal, about an 8:05 pace. Warm up, tempo, and cool down were a total of 8.2 miles.

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Anonymous said...

Great workout. You're "raising the bar" now.

We had 4 for hill repeats today and managed 12x. Hope you can make it in the coming weeks.