Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday Weekend

I was set to have a very high mileage holiday weekend. I ran 11 miles Friday morning and 15.25 miles Saturday morning. The 15 miler was at an easy 8:20 pace. It was hard to hang on at the end, but I did finish strong. Then, I spent all day with family after that.

Saturday was a GREAT day. The kids and I had tons of fun! Thanks Don and Sue and Alex and Lori! I was exhausted Saturday night and slept well until about 3:30 AM when the storms rolled in! The thunder and lightning lasted until about 6:30, so there was no Sunday morning 10 miler. I was looking forward to seeing how my body would handle the miles. I actually felt great all day Sunday. I felt like I could run that 10 miler with marathon pace and even tempo pace miles to finish.

I should have run in the afternoon on Sunday, but I wasted the time watching Wimbledon instead. Tough luck Roddick. I was squeezing for Roddick, but Federer is just too good. I was really proud of the American because he had several opportunities to quit and he didn't. He never quit. His improved conditioning is really paying off. I hope today's disappointment doesn't set him back. He will win a Wimbledon. He just ran into the greatest tennis player of all time on one of his best days. Federer's best is just a little better than Roddick's best. WOW!!

Today, I ran 9.2 miles and finished with about 2.5 miles at goal marathon pace. It felt GREAT! I'm ready for the week now.

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Lance said...

You'll be glad you didn't run on Sunday afternoon. I did. The humidity was brutal.