Friday, May 15, 2009

Wednesday thru Friday

Slacking on my updates again... But I'm busy. I haven't been on Facebook much, either.

Wednesday, I woke up early to get in an 8 miler on the Cherry Creek trail that runs through downtown Denver. The weather was perfect for running! I wish we could just sometimes get dry air like that here in Alabama. It was about 55 and like 0% humidity. I ran a 7:50 average pace, including an 8:30 warm up and cool down mile. Then, I had to rush to catch my plane.

Thursday, I was just too exhausted from the trip to get up early. I planned to do something at lunch, but ended up working right through lunch. I even forgot to eat, and ended up having a handful of peanuts and pretzels for lunch. And the problem with that is that I ate too much at dinner.

This morning, I met Lanier for our weekly speed work. He was kind enough to accommodate my crazy travel schedule. The plan called for 5 x 1 mile at 5k pace. What?!?!?!?!? That seemed excessive to me! And, we didn't finish and I was below 5k pace for only one mile. I am a bit disappointed in my performance in today's workout. I did 4 and a half miles. I guess that if I had really pushed, I could have gone another half mile. But my feet were heavy today. Even during the warm up and cool down, my footstrike was unusually loud. I couldn't really correct it. My feet were just heavy. They were heavy during the speed work, too. I wish I knew what was causing that.
  1. 6:19
  2. 6:07 (ouch! and I paid for it with slow, painful next miles)
  3. 6:19
  4. 6:21
  5. 3:06
That was weak, I know. But every one of those was more difficult than the one before it. I would blame the humidity (it was beyond muggy this morning), but it will be hot and humid on race day. I can't use that excuse. I guess I can blame my nutrition this week. It hasn't been very good. I indulged in a burger and a slice of cheesecake (my two favorite indulgences) Tuesday night, and skipped lunch yesterday. My nutrition has much room for improvement.

Ten more days to race day.

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