Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday 10 Miler in Athens

The crowd is thinning for the weekly 10 miler, but I'm going to keep doing it, except for next week. I'll be taking next week off to rest up for Cotton Row 10k. Today, 5 runners were there for the weekly 10 miler through Athens. It was good to see Mike there after he had to take a few weeks off to allow some injuries to heal.

It was much cooler and windier than I expected this morning. It was a VERY nice morning for a run. It sprinkled on us for a couple of miles, but it was just about as good as running weather gets in May in Alabama. It was a no excuses kind of a day.

Carl, Mike, and I were up front, with Lanier and Mark Y. running an easier pace. Mike pushed the pace early, and it did feel more difficult than it actually was. By the mid miles, though, Carl and I were both able to carry on conversation at a pace in the low 7:00 range. We finished up in 1:11:30 for a 7:09 average pace.
  1. 8:22
  2. 7:11
  3. 7:05
  4. 7:11
  5. 7:12
  6. 7:00
  7. 7:03
  8. 7:05
  9. 6:43
  10. 6:29
Nice. I think Carl had a little more left in the tank this morning than I did. Thanks for the run and the push, guys!

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