Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday 10 Miler in Athens

We had a low turnout for this morning's weekly 10 miler in Athens. Maybe the weather forecast kept some folks away. I know a few are battling injury, and others were elsewhere or recovering. There were 4 of us, which is the second lowest turnout yet.

When I left my house to run to the rec center to meet the group, I knew that I was in for a long day. I could feel everything that I did yesterday! I was running an 8:15 pace, and it felt like 7:20. Every step was more difficult than the previous one. That's what I get! I should have thought about today's workout yesterday while I was hammering the end of the second CR loop and while I was going all out while playing racquetball.

The pace today was a little slower than what should be my tempo pace. However, I accomplished one of the goals of a tempo run today. I was tired and wanted to stop, and I maintained the pace to the end of the run anyway. I did want to quit about 8 miles in, and Carl talked me out of it! Thanks. I'm glad I stuck it out. Also thanks to Matt for giving me a ride back home from the rec center. I could have run home, but I would have done not much better than a 9 minute pace. I was glad I didn't have to.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated today. It was muggy, but it wasn't too hot. It rained just enough to cool us down at about the 4 or 5 mile mark. Carl wished for it, and we got it. It was so humid, though, that we were soaked for the rest of the run. There was no drying out.

10 miles in 1:13:43, which is 2 seconds faster than last week.
  1. 8:22
  2. 7:37
  3. 7:28
  4. 7:28
  5. 7:05
  6. 7:14
  7. 7:12
  8. 7:00
  9. 7:03
  10. 7:07

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