Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today was a perfect day to run. Today was one of those days that truly makes me wish that everyone was a runner. That's because those who aren't runners miss getting out on mornings like this, enjoying the weather, enjoying the company of good friends, and pushing the body. Today's weather was perfect, mostly clear, low 40's, 80% humidity or so. Now most folks may think that is cold, or cooler than comfortable at least. But when you're running, that is amazing weather!

The plan for today was 8 x 400m at 5k pace with one minute rest in between. Now, I just can't run 400m at 5k pace; I feel like I have to run them faster. My goal was 85-90 seconds. I met Lanier and Matt at the Athens track at 5:00 AM. I felt really good except for the lack of sleep. I was up until almost midnight working last night. So, I could have used an extra 3 hours of sleep. But other than that, I felt great.
  1. 1:23
  2. 1:26
  3. 1:30 (long quarter, 0.27, this actually was the fastest one in terms of pace)
  4. 1:21
  5. 1:27
  6. 1:24
  7. 1:23
  8. 1:22
After the quarters, we ran an easy cool down for about 6.3 miles total. Nice running today Matt and Lanier!

Now, I'm just trying to stay rested, fresh, injury free, and mentally tough this week so that Monday I can truly give a quality effort.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your first paragraph. This morning for me defined the "Runner's High." A great run!!! I think 400's are my favorite intervals.


rundanrun said...

Ditto on the weather. 40s and 50s are great. Could we hope for a Cotton Row in the 50s?

I pushed pedals today.
18.6 miles on the bike

I am not doing Cotton Row. Hope you have a good race.