Thursday, February 12, 2009


I met my good friend and Mount Cheaha training partner, Matt, this morning at 5:30 for a tempo run. He's the only one I could talk into running that crazy race with me. I think he's as excited as I am about the race! We met for a warmup jog over to the Athens High 1.5 mile track. On the way over, we complained the whole way. Neither of us wanted to get up! I'm still not 100% from this week's stomach bug. He's battling a head cold. Neither of us slept well. Oh we had some excuses! But we met up and ran anyway.

What a run!!!!!

We planned to do 6 miles tempo. I felt as invigorated after that run as I remember feeling after a run. We both went from complaining on the warmup to rejoicing over the run on the cool down. That's why I run!

Oh yeah, 7:09, 7:03, 6:56, 6:56, 6:49, and 6:33 and still had something left! If I had maintained that pace for another 0.2, that would have been close to a 10k PR for me! That helps, too! :)

Thanks for the push this morning, Matt.

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