Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cycling down

I'm cycling down a bit this week. For the first time since starting 50k training, I completely missed a workout yesterday. Shame on me. I suppose that if you're going to slack, do it during a cycle down week. I did 6 on Tuesday and 9 this morning. I'll probably make up the missed miles on Friday.

I'm hoping to run strong at the Black Warrior 25k, but that will be my only hard run this week. I'm not sure how hard to push in that race, but I'm thinking I'll push pretty hard. I tend to race better if I run the day before the race, so I'm going to go with an easy 4 or 5 make-up / loosen-up miles on Friday.

I've done no resistance training this week which is really bad. And, since Valentine's Day, my house has been full of chocolate and Girl Scout cookies, so my diet has been REALLY BAD this week. I was doing so well until Valentine's Day, too. I've got to overcome this setback. I don't need to get chubby now.


Rae! said...

Shame on you. ;)
Dont't by the cookies, they are fat in hiding. And I think you will do great!! A 25k. Wow!

reachdown said...

Well, my wife is a troop leader and my girls are selling, so I have to have cookies in the house! But I don't have to eat them. :(

mgreene said...

Hope you have your mud waders on! I head it can get pretty sloppy in Bankhead.

reachdown said...

I ran the 25k course a couple of weeks ago at its driest, and it was very muddy! With the rain this week, I expect lots of sloppy mud tomorrow!

I just hope I don't lose a shoe! It almost happened on the training run!