Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hilly, high altitude runs

Let me catch up the week! I'm updating from Denver International Airport, which seems to be a regular thing.

I ran 4.5 miles around Athens that ended up at the Wellness Center. Then I did a "push" workout. I didn't finish my workout, but I promised Lindsey that I'd see her again before I left for the airport, so I cut it short to run home in time to see her before she left for school. 5.75 miles total.

I intended to do 10 miles, but I got a late start. I only did 7 or so miles. It was an out and back on Foothills Trail. But it was a HILLY 7 miles! And it was at a high altitude.

I got the 10 miler in this morning. I ran out and back Foothills Trail in Highlands Ranch, plus a little loop in Plum Valley. It's a beautiful, hilly run, but it's not a trail like you may think. It's a paved with crushed gravel trail like the track at Athens High. So, it was like running hilly road miles. I'm pleased that I was able to work these workouts in while traveling!

I'll upload a picture when I have a better Internet connection.

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