Sunday, August 1, 2010

Marathon Training

An 18 week schedule for Rocket City would begin today.  I still feel like I need to do some more base building before I venture into a steady diet of tempo runs, mid-week 15 milers, and marathon pace long runs.   So for now, I'm still doing mostly easy runs and building my mileage back up. I'll re-assess my fitness and general feeling in a couple more weeks and may go with a 16 week schedule.

Another option is a 12 week schedule.  That's what I did for Nashville, and it worked out very well.  However, I rolled into that 12 week schedule with a very big, solid base.  I'm not sure that 12 weeks will get me to a PR in December.

The 10 miler was hot and humid, but fun today.


Getting My Words Out said...

Have you every looked at "Run Less, Run Faster"? A fitness trainer at the gym where I work out was telling me it REALLY worked for her, but she's also a fairly new runner, not a "seasoned pro" like you!

reachdown said...

I've looked at that and even trained for a 10k based on those principles. I think it's great for triathletes and people who want to be able to race well on low mileage. I may even give it another try sometime soon. I had two problems with it that may or may not be valid any more.

1. I seem to be more susceptible to injury when I run hard during every workout. I believe that one key to injury prevention over the past couple of years has been the inclusion of easy recovery runs (though I am just now coming off an injury, it was caused by running too many hills without building up to it). I don't have any science to back that up, just anecdotal evidence. I just know that I struggled with ankle and knee problems until I started including easy runs.
2. Psychologically, for me, there is an advantage to knowing that I gutted out a high mileage training program. I don't know of a substitute for that.

But you've got me thinking about whether or not I should give that another chance.

vibram said...

That is a good training, I get more running substance in your post that can be my reference.