Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Weekend

Yet again, I chickened out of a 5k.  The thought of 5k pace right now, even if it is only for a 400m lap around the track, makes me want to puke.  I'll get over that soon, I hope.  I missed the Running of the Bulls 5k Saturday.  Part of the reason was that I had traveled on back to back weeks and I was just tired and out of sorts.

I did what the plan called for on Saturday, 16 miles.  I didn't get after that 16 very hard.  I ran into a friend on the streets of Athens and ran his pace for about 5 miles.  After that, I did pick up the pace a bit, but it was getting hot.

The Sunday 10 miler just keeps going.  Running seems to be strong in the Athens area.

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