Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cross Country Running Park

Believe it or not, before today, I had never run the course at the Cross Country Running Park in Huntsville.  Yeah, I know that's hard to believe.  I've never done the Sprint Tri.  I've never done the Recover from the Holidays 50k.  And, I have never done one of the summer cross country runs.  I really wanted to this summer, but with my injury, it just never worked out.

I suppose now I have officially been inducted into the Huntsville Track Club.

I volunteered to record splits for the run portion of the 30th annual HiWAAY Sprint Triathlon today.  It was a great event today, and I admire George DeWitt and all he did to pull this off.

After the last runner was in and we had cleaned up the tents, tables, etc. I took off running with Brett Wilks and Joe Francica on the cross country course.  Man, that's not an easy run.  I planned to do 16 miles, but it was just too hot and I really didn't have that much time.  So I only did 10.

Besides, I realized that I got confused looking at my calendar and I'm a week ahead in my marathon training.  So, THIS WEEK DIDN'T COUNT!!! :)  I'm repeating this week's schedule next week.

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Getting My Words Out said...

How ironic that the title of the last post was "Everything Counts"!!

That is a nice course--until "the hill"....that thing is down right BRUTAL. The Tuesday night runs never worked out for me either, but honestly, after my first time out there I've shied away from going back because I don't want to face that monster!