Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekly Report

I'll do anything to put off doing this weekly report that I have to do for work, including posting on this blog.  Ugh.  What did I do this week?  I worked.  Something tells me that won't be good enough. Anyway...

Today, I did a 5 mile tempo run.  The schedule called for 10 miles total with 5 at tempo pace.  Because of time constraints, I had to shorten that to 8 total.  I still managed 5 at (almost) tempo pace, 6:48 per mile.  It wasn't terrible.  It wasn't a suffer fest like a race, but I wanted to stop at 3 miles, at 4 miles, and at 4.5 miles.  But I didn't stop.  It was just a matter of being tough and finishing the run even though it was uncomfortable.  Today's run was 95% mental.  It was a little warm and muggy for the run, too, at 80F and 55% RH.  That's not North Alabama heat and humidity, but it's not exactly comfortable, either.

I'm considering 6:45 my tempo pace right now.  I am not anywhere near 3:00:00 marathon shape.  I won't be there by December, either.  Oh well.  I'll just try to run 26.2 miles as fast as I can and see what that number is.

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