Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Think I'm Back

My calf is well. My fitness is not.  My weekly mileage has been about 35-38 miles for 3 weeks now, and it's time to increase that.  On most of my days off from running, I have either done a spinning class, intense resistance training, or both.  Even so, my fitness is a shell of what it was in March/April.  I run slow and short.  I want to run fast and long.

So I have work to do.

I'm going to bump up to 45 or so miles for the next couple of weeks, and then hopefully start an 18 week marathon training program that peaks at 70 miles per week.  Will that get me to 2:59:59 or less?  I don't know.  And I will re-assess that goal after running a 5k fitness test in the next couple of weeks.  But I will focus on my training and will make choices in other areas of my life that will help me get there.

This spring, my oft repeated trite little motivational quote (is the word I'm looking for "mantra"?) was "Suck it up, buttercup."  This fall, I'm switching over to "Everything counts."  Hopefully this will help me to keep my diet, sleep, rest, recovery, and hydration in check.  Everything counts.  Everything I do will either help me progress toward my goal or it will set me back.  Everything counts.

Let's do this.

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Getting My Words Out said...

Welcome back!! "Everything counts!" I like that...yet another quote I'll steal! :D