Friday, July 2, 2010

Maybe the Sky Isn't Falling

I went to the doctor Wednesday for a check up and I mentioned my calf problem while I was there. The calf is tendinitis and rest, ice, and ibuprofen are the treatment. That was my plan anyway.

My BP was 120/75. Compare that to 157/112 four years ago when I weighed in at 238. Yeah, that's a terrible number, and that number alone may have been the catalyst for my current fitness kick. I still remember the serious look of concern in my doctor's eyes when we discussed my blood pressure. I am thankful that diet and exercise have been successful in getting that number to a healthy range.

I've been terribly worried about my weight since my calf started bothering me. However, my weight was exactly the same as last year's doctor visit, and I had a great fall/winter of races last year. I guess it doesn't really matter that I lost 8 or 9 pounds for the April marathon and gained them back. I'm still right where I was last year as far as weight is concerned. I can have a great fall and winter again and I can drop those pounds again.

I'm still trying to maintain cardio fitness and take advantage of the time off to strengthen my core and tone my upper body. So far, it seems to be working. Who knows, maybe I'll return better than ever once I regain the running specific conditioning on my bones and muscles.

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