Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Monday's 5 miler didn't exactly go as planned. I ran the first mile very slow, like 10:00. I didn't even notice! The next mile, I was bold and dropped down to about 9:35. Ouch. I actually had to stop and walk, but I never limped. During the 3rd mile, I ran nearer a 9:00 pace, and my leg was very tight. It loosened considerably on the 4th and 5th mile and actually felt fine. The 4th mile was 8:40 or so and the 5th was 8:00. Everything felt great while I was running those last two miles. After the run, though, it was sore all day. I hit the gym really hard yesterday and today. My calf feels much better today and I'll give another try either later today or tomorrow morning.

I'm going to go with the advice I've heard and given others. If it doesn't affect your gait, you can run through it. So far, it isn't affecting my gait.

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Getting My Words Out said...

This sounds SO much like what I experienced with my left calf. When I got warmed up, it felt okay (most of the time)...but after the run and after I cooled down it started tightening up. It sounds like you're doing exactly what you need to do. I hope it resolves quickly for you-but, I think it's probably a lesson in patience!!