Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coming Back Slowly

Oh how I want to run 20 miles right now. And I probably could, but I would definitely regret it.

I did an 8 miler this morning around Athens. It was a great run, and one in which each mile was faster than the previous one. My calf was fine, but it was starting to tighten up during the last half mile or so. I'm still working much harder than I should be to run an 8:00 mile. I really enjoyed the run and can't wait until I'm back up to 70 miles per week.

Knowing that 8 miles just isn't enough exercise for a day, I went for a swim immediately after the run. That also went well. I was able to go 200 yards without stopping. That's a huge improvement over what I've been able to do. It wasn't fast, but it was steady and there was no interruption in the 3 or 5 strokes between breaths rhythm I was in. I'm going to try to keep a couple of weekly swims in my routine. I really enjoy it.

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