Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still coming back

I had a great weekend of running compared to the past 6 weeks with 8 miles on Saturday followed by 10 miles on Sunday. The Sunday 10 miler was nice with a strong finish. I was struggling and my calf was tight for the last two miles, but it never hurt. I decided to take Monday off completely which felt really good. My calf was feeling great this morning.

I decided to use the spinning class to sub for a tempo run today. I don't know if I'm quite ready for good hard running just yet. So, I ran over to the gym (about two miles on the route I took, but it can be as short as 1.25 miles) in time for the 5:15 AM spinning class. We did 30 minutes of standing and increasing the resistance followed by 5 minutes of sitting at a hard pace + warm up and cool down. For that 35 minutes, my HR was in the tempo zone. Still, it's not the same as a tempo run, but it will have to do for now. I followed that up with a push workout and a 1.75 mile run home.

I'm still deciding on the 5k fitness test to run in a couple of weeks. That race may actually be the ABS CC versus alumni race. (Though if that happens this year, it looks like I'll have to be the one to pull it together.) From there, I'll assess my goals for the remainder of the year and begin training for Rocket City. Sub three hours may be gone as a goal for this year, but that's okay with me. If sub three is clearly out of reach, I'll probably totally reassess everything and try to determine what is reasonable and then schedule my races around that.

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