Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rainy Long-ish Run

Since this is a recovery week, the long run was scheduled for a 16 miler. Since I was partner-less in Athens this morning, I intended to join the Fleet Feet group in Huntsville at 6:00 AM. I set out all my stuff last night. But I just felt like I was walking in quicksand while I was getting ready this morning. The door just seemed so far away! I did get out the door and in the car at 5:30 AM. That's just enough time to make it if the traffic lights are kind. But I realized that I forgot a few things that I had set out and had to turn around. By that time, it was just too late so I opted for a wet run alone in Athens.

Today's run felt really good. I enjoy running in the rain, and it was raining hard this morning.

One complaint I have is with Athens drivers. Please, give a runner or a cyclist a lane. It won't kill you, but it may kill the runner or cyclist. We know you see us and you are just being rude. But what can I do except make myself visible? At least 5 cars got unnecessarily close to me this morning.

I almost reached out and hit one car with my hand this morning. I was sooooo ANGRY! That driver had NO reason to get that close to me. It was a four lane street, and the other 3 lanes were completely empty, AND I was off the road on the grass. And I still could have reached him if I wanted to. And he got over to the lane closest to me just a couple hundred yards in front of me. There is little doubt in my mind that he was intentionally trying to scare me. (At best he was texting or otherwise not paying attention.) Maybe if I had thrown something at his car, he would have thought he hit me and it would have changed his behavior in the future. UGH! If I see you coming, I will check the other lane. If it's occupied, I will get off the road, even if that means I have to stop. Please, if the other lane is free, give me some space. I will wave at you in return.
  1. 8:53
  2. 8:12
  3. 8:06
  4. 7:58
  5. 8:13
  6. 8:01
  7. 8:06
  8. 7:50
  9. 7:56
  10. 7:53
  11. 7:51
  12. 7:46
  13. 7:41
  14. 7:39
  15. 7:46
  16. 7:32
  17. 8:25 (coasting since I was done but not home yet, and I stopped to give some out-of-towners some directions)

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Lance said...

Using the road for anything else than a car, in Athens, has been a problem my whole life. Athens drives don't respect any kind of recreation; biking or running.

At one time I biked and I gave it up because I got sick of almost being run over. One day somebody even threw something out of their car window at me.

Recently there were some letters to the editor, in the Athens paper, with a women complaining about farm equipment being on the road.

And now that I'm running I have gotten back in this problem.