Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Midweek Tempo

Monday's 15 miler felt great.

Yesterday was a recovery day. I did 4.5 very easy miles. Well, I did go hard for 800m, but still, mostly easy. I met a friend from the ABS cross country team, Marshall, at the Athens High track. He wasn't able to join the XC team for the afternoon workout, but needed a good hard day. So, I held the stopwatch for his early AM 800m intervals. I'm proud of him for getting in the workout even though the schedule was challenging. I would have liked to have joined him, but I knew the injury risk was too great. I ran the last one with him because I felt like he needed a push. And man, he turned it in fast, 2:48! I think he has a bright future in running.

Today, I did a mid-week tempo run. Matt joined me for 4 easy miles followed by 4 tempo miles and 2 cool down miles for 10 total. I did not feel great at the start. My stomach wasn't right and I was tired. I complained and dreaded the start of the faster running. However, the faster running felt really good!

The miles are a bit long on the walking track, so the average pace was 6:45. The target was 6:51. Splits below. They were fairly even except for the 3rd. It felt too fast, too. And I paid for the lack of restraint in the fourth. My HR stayed in the tempo range except for the last half of the last mile.
  1. 6:54
  2. 6:50
  3. 6:35
  4. 6:53

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