Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lightning! Wow!

I met Carl this morning for the usual Sunday 10 miler. It was raining, and there was lightning way off in the distance. As the run progressed, the lightning got closer. And closer. And closer. My wife called at about mile 6.5, and I happily had her meet me to get me out of the storm. I was getting a little scared! My pace definitely quickened as the hope of shelter drew nearer. She met me at Athens elementary to rescue me! Carl continued and survived, so I guess I just got a little wimpy this morning!

I only got 9 or so of my planned 15 in today. But hey, it was weather that caused me to quit.


Anonymous said...

I saw Carl flying down Marion St just past the courthouse. He was moving!!!! I saw four other runners this morning. It was very nice until the lightning started.


Anonymous said...

Just proves that some are both stubborn and foolish (not you Lanier). It definitely motivated me to tempo pace the last 4 miles.


rundanrun said...

I will run in rain, snow, and cold down into the teens, but I draw the line with lightning.

You are not a wimp just smart.