Wednesday, November 25, 2009

VO2 - 5x600m - One Last Time

Matt came over to do our 9 mile run with a VO2 workout mixed in. We did a pre-dawn 5 mile easy run to the Athens High 400m track. It sure is good to have a partner for these runs!

As we started, I noticed that my right knee was pretty sore. That started yesterday during some strides that we were doing at the end of an easy run. After a mile or so, it loosened up, and I didn't notice it at all during the track repeats.

We did 5 x 600m repeats with a 200m recovery jog in between. I'm always surprised by how hard this workout feels.
  1. 2:02 (yeah, I don't know why I did that.)
  2. 2:08
  3. 2:05
  4. 2:05
  5. 2:04
Again, the level of effort felt very hard for those, but my heart rate showed a different story. I suppose that is because of the cold weather. Yeah, it was colder than I expected this morning and I wished for another layer and gloves and a beanie.

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