Monday, November 9, 2009

VO2 - 5x600m - Again

5x600m. It seems easy on paper. I mean, I just ran 20 with 14 at marathon pace. Last week I did 6 x 1000m repeats. 5 x 600m repeats would be easy, right? It only sounds easy! It hurt.

Because of my work schedule, I had to fit the VO2 workout in today. I should be able to get the miles in this week, but I wanted to get this workout in early so that I can do easier workouts through the week and be prepared for Huntsville Half Marathon this weekend. I'm going to be tired enough from the work week that I have in store that I need to at least have fresh legs.

Matt came over and we ran over to the Athens High 400m track to do our workout, a 5 mile warm up, repeats, and a 2 mile cool down.
  1. 2:08
  2. 2:07
  3. 2:05
  4. 2:05
  5. 2:06 (Matt ran it in 2:00 flat. Amazing! I couldn't keep up!)
I really almost puked after the 4th one. I'm glad I didn't eat breakfast before the workout! I haven't yet convinced myself that it'll be ok if I throw up, so I back off when I feel it coming on. I kinda hope I keep that mentality.

After the workout was over, I couldn't help thinking that it was fun. I didn't think so during, but after, yeah, it was fun. Running fast is fun.

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