Saturday, November 14, 2009

Huntsville Half Marathon

I don't have much time to write, but I wanted to do a quick post about today's race.

First, I want to congratulate my Sunday morning running buddy Carl Smith for winning the Heroes 5k today! Nice job Carl!

There was a record turnout for the Huntsville Half Marathon today. I can't imagine how overwhelming it is to direct a race that balloons up like this one has. GREAT JOB to the RD and volunteers today. It was an AWESOME race and other than a late start, it went without a hitch.

I ran a 1:28:13. I believe I can run faster than that. I started too conservatively. That's just what I do. Maybe one day I'll lose the fear of blowing up and start fast and hang on.
  1. 6:42
  2. 6:49
  3. 6:43
  4. 6:50
  5. 6:39
  6. 6:47
  7. 6:49
  8. 6:43 (I realized that I was feeling better than I should.)
  9. 6:42
  10. 6:40
  11. 6:37
  12. 6:44
  13. 6:13
  14. 1:07 (Actually 0.17 miles by my watch.)
I'm very pleased with that effort, but I know I'm faster than that.


Jeff Mooneyham said...

Congrats today.....Nice job!

runperryrun said...

good half you can probably run 6:20's
look up lydiard training it's on my blog keep up the workouts try 20 X 400 with 100 meter jog's a tough one

mgreene said...

In less than 3 years of running, you've already beaten my 1/2 marathon PR by 3 minutes! Looking at your success and times shows how someone who is determined can achieve much, versus those who sit by and complain or make excuses. You are really an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Great job, especially on such a warm day! Just a few weeks until the big race. My wife and I don't work the 1/2 but we hand out food at the Rocket City Marathon - hopefully, we'll welcome you past the end of the big race with bagels and bananas and such. Keep your eye on the prize!

reachdown said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and congrats!

Perry: I'll try that sometime. It does sound tough!

Mike: Thanks for the encouragement along the way. But I do complain every time I do repeats on the track! I just do the workout anyway.

Rick: Please introduce yourself after the marathon! I'd like to meet you. Thanks for the encouragement you've given here.