Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last Big One

Schedule Transition
The schedule called for a 22 miler today. This is the last big long run on the schedule. This is the last big mileage week on the schedule. The next 3 weeks are tapering for the big day. If I'm not ready now, I guess I won't be!

I do feel ready. I look forward to the taper. Before, I didn't really understand the taper and thought I was getting out of shape. I have lost confidence in previous tapers. Now, I understand that I won't lose fitness over the next 3 weeks. I'll be giving my body the opportunity to repair and adapt to the training I've put it through over the past 15 weeks.

Today's Run
It was a tough one today. Today's run put me over 80 miles for this week. My legs are tired. I had a hard week of training following a good effort in the Huntsville Half Marathon. I had no partner, so I knew I'd have to gut it out and be my own motivation.

I'd like to say that this was an easy one and that I was comfortable the whole time. But that's not true! I really toyed with the idea of quitting at about 15 miles. My heart rate was well under control, but my legs were just dead. I didn't want to go any more! Then, I remembered that this was the last one. Gut it out! I'll have at least that strong of an urge to stop on race day, so I had to overcome. And I did.

Based on the advice of Eric C., I ran the last 6 at marathon pace. Here are the splits.
  1. 8:37
  2. 8:10
  3. 8:13
  4. 8:02
  5. 8:09
  6. 8:08
  7. 8:00
  8. 8:05
  9. 8:06
  10. 8:05
  11. 7:39 (I didn't mean to run it this fast. Don't know what happened.)
  12. 7:53
  13. 7:53
  14. 8:11
  15. 8:22 (See, I wanted to QUIT!)
  16. 8:10
  17. 7:15
  18. 7:09
  19. 7:06
  20. 6:55 (Hmmm. Need practice to avoid these.)
  21. 7:14
  22. 7:09

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