Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mid Week 25k

Another mid-week 15 miler? Only one more!! These have clearly been the "hair on the chest" workouts of the program. A 15 miler isn't that bad, but a 15 miler the day after a tempo run or after a VO2 workout is tough. To do one of these, I have to get up EARLY. It takes 2 hours, minimum. And after the early start and 2 hour workout, I have to be able to function at a high level of concentration for the rest of the day at work.

I'm glad those are done!

It's not so easy to find someone who's willing to hit the pavement an hour before dawn and run 15 before work. But I found one! I met Ragnar teammate Justin at the CRR start. We did the 10k course twice and the 5k course once for 15+ miles. We did the 5k loop at marathon pace.

Nice start to a Wednesday.

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