Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On The Track Again

Matt came over and we jogged to Athens High to run in circles for a while this morning. The schedule called for 6 x 1000m repeats. We took 300m recovery jogs between, except for the last one which was a 400m recovery. Track repeats are workouts that you really don't want to do, but you're always glad you did. I probably had a heavier dose of the "really don't want to do" today. But I did take an extra helping of "glad I did" when it was over, though.

I'm dragging just a bit lately. I'm not in peak shape, and that concerns me with a hilly marathon coming up in less than four weeks. I'm not as fast as I was in December, and I don't know why. One thing is sure, though: Matt is faster now than he was then.
  1. 3:43
  2. 3:39
  3. 3:41
  4. 3:43
  5. 3:46
  6. 3:40
I pulled on the first 3 and Matt pulled on the last 3. I was glad to have his help this morning. I know I should be running those faster, but I just couldn't this morning. Those were really close to max effort.

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Getting My Words Out said...

I found out today I could possibly have a stress fracture...will find out for sure at SportsMed...

So, from a beginner, gimpy, chicklet runner-wanna-be...
1) are you getting proper nutrition?
2) are you getting proper rest?
3) are you stressed in any other areas in your life?
4) when's the last time you checked your shoes?
5) are you hydrating properly?
6) do you have allergies that could be kicking in this time of year?
7) how's you ma and them? (lol)

If everything is good then what's the problem??