Friday, March 19, 2010


Whew! What a busy week. I've been gone all week on business travel. It's really difficult to find time for miles while I'm on the road.

This trip was to Columbus, OH, and I hated the thought of spending spring break on the road while my kids were out of school. So, I decided to drive to Columbus (~7 - 7.5 hours) and take the family with me. They were able to find plenty to do in the area while I worked during the day. I missed being with them during the day, but I was very glad not to come back to an empty hotel room. I was glad to see everyone in the evening instead of only being able to talk on the phone. I spent the evenings after dinner staying up late doing the work that I normally do during the day when I'm not visiting a customer. I'm exhausted.

But I made time to get in about 85% of my miles this week. Since it is the first week of daylight savings time and since we were in the Eastern Time Zone, those 5:00 AM runs felt like 3:00 AM runs. It was hard to do them. I didn't give good effort this week, but I did do (most of) the miles. Columbus is on the western edge of the Eastern Time Zone, so it was dark when I started and when I finished my runs. Yuck.

I'm still out of sorts. My work was in a restricted access lab all week, so I had to get an escort to the bathroom. I ended up not drinking nearly enough water to keep from having to go so often. Add to that the gross diet that accompanies life on the road, and I feel yucky, bloated, and lethargic. I'm not optimistic about tomorrow's 10 mile race.

I was so glad to get my usual breakfast of grape nuts, blueberries, flax seed and skim milk today. I was glad to eat a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat at lunch instead of looking for the least processed thing (which was still over-processed garbage!) in the cafeteria. I actually like "good for you" food better than "bad for you" food nowadays. (Well, except for chocolate and ice cream. I LOVE chocolate and ice cream. If those two things didn't exist, my body fat would be below 5%!)

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Getting My Words Out said...

Good luck tomorrow. I have no doubt you'll do great! I'll be on my longest run yet (this year anyway)-4 miles!! :D