Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Mid Week 15 miler

You have to love mid-week medium-long runs, or you won't survive marathon training. I'd rather run this 15 miler 10 times than do one track workout. That probably means two things:
  1. I really need to do the track workouts to strengthen my weakness
  2. I'm well suited to racing longer distances like half-marathons up to 50k
Matt was a "maybe, don't wait for me" for joining this morning. I was just about to take off when he pulled up. Man, was I glad to see him! Misery loves company! We took it easy for the first two miles and then sped up for almost every mile after that. We managed a 7:48 average pace with a very strong finish, another 6:38 15th mile!

I needed today's workout psychologically more than I needed it physiologically. Oh, it did some physiological good by providing a very good endurance and aerobic stimulus. However, my confidence was shot by the complete meltdown in the last half mile of McKay Hollow Madness and by the rabbit effort for a turtle pace of the past three track workouts. Today, I felt like I could have run 4 or 5 more 7 minute miles, and I needed to feel that way after a workout.

I think I like to run.


Anonymous said...

I saw the two of you coming through town. Nice running under a full moon.


Getting My Words Out said...

You think? Really? Who'd have thought?
Man, I love hearing about these runs. I don't think..NO, I KNOW I'll never be that fast...but I sure can't wait until I'm up to 15 miles!