Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mid Week 15 Miler

Those mid-week 15 milers are the "hair on the chest" workouts. Matt and I left my house Wednesday morning and did the usual 10 mile loop in Athens plus the loop and spurs at the high school. Waking up and running 15 miles before work is not an easy thing to do, but I'm always glad to have done it.

Lately, Matt is the rabbit and I am the dog. He simply destroyed me on Wednesday's run. I know very well what the back of his shirt looked like. (At least I was able to keep him in sight!) The 15th mile was 6:38. Our average was 7:42, and if you take out the first warm up mile (9:00), the average pace for 14 was 7:36.

That's a pretty hard effort to give less than 24 hours after doing a VO2 workout at "cookie tossing" pace.

Next is a couple of easy days to get ready for another hard long run this weekend.

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Getting My Words Out said...

WOW...I had to read that three times---the 15th mile was 6:38?? WOW. Especially with the pace for 14 at 7:36. WOW.

I can't decide if reading this really does encourage me or confirm me to be the granny turtle I am. I think it's time for you to post some "before" pictures of yourself and talk about how hard it was when you first started!!!

Keep up the great work!!