Thursday, December 9, 2010

What To Say?

I'm really looking forward to this weekend's Rocket City Marathon.  Helping folks reach the goal that they have trained so hard for will be a pretty neat experience.  I've been thinking about what I may say to the group.  I like to talk, but I have to make conversation with strangers for nearly four hours?  I'm sure I'll get by.  And I need to mix in some trite running quotes to inspire them, too.  You know, the classics I use in this blog, like "Suck it up, buttercup!" I'm guessing that one will get old sometime before mile 26. I'm open for new suggestions.

I'm happy to report that my hamstring seems to be cooperating with me now.  I tried some fast running yesterday (well, faster than I've been running).  I did a 6:30 mile and 5 or 6 strides.  I could feel it, but it never tightened up on me.  Today, I did 6 strides again with no problem.  I think I'm ready for the hard running that will be my training for Boston.  Oh yeah, Boston training starts Monday.  3:00.


April said...

Rocket City will be my first marathon.
Personally, I don't think you would need to do much talking. As a newbie just knowing that I have an experienced marathon runner by my side to run me through all of the "what ifs" would be enough!

Getting My Words Out said...

My personal favorite, "behave in accordance" and the teeth brushing story you told leading up to that bit of advice. ((My biggest issue is the "with a decision previously made"....but I'm working on that. I'm working on making good/achievable "decisions" and I'm working on solidifying them order to actually reach the behavior part!!))

Have fun, I'll see you at the finish. :D